3 May 2015

Grilled mini sandwich triangles

On a lazy weekend like this, it's so nice to make some warm sandwiches for breakfast or lunch and just relax. Or these sandwiches can be even enjoyed in the evening when watching a film.

I made these mini triangle sandwiches on the griddle pan to get the nice grilling effect with the stripes. You can put any vegetable into the sandwiches with cheese. I chose a quite classic mix of tomatoes, rocket, basil and garlic.

Here are the ingredients I used:

Bread slices
Emmental slices
Baby plum tomatoes
Fresh basil leaves
Garlic clove

I rubbed the garlic first on the breads and then assembled the sandwiches with the filling.

Then I char-grilled the sandwiches in a pan on both sides and cut them into small triangles.

These were just perfect with some coffee.

Your VegHog


  1. Perfect weekend snacking, my husband would love these.

    1. They were very nice and you don't feel guilty when snacking, as these are almost healthy. :)

  2. these look delicious and I love your coffee cup too! (did you see the teatime treats theme is sandwiches?)

    1. Thank you! I have missed the sandwich theme in Teatime Treats.


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