21 May 2015

Vegetable grazing plate with hummus

Today I'm just grazing lightly on vegetables and hummus before tomorrow's English veggie breakfast and pub meal in the evening. Sometimes simple dishes that don't require a lot of cooking, but are still full of vegetable goodness, are the best choices as weekday meals. I can't believe it's yet another vegan meal! I've been cooking many vegan meals lately. Of course some cheese could be added, but is by no means necessary. This is what I used to make this vegetable grazing plate with hummus as a part of this week's cooking plan.  

2 romano peppers
10 baby turnips
10 baby carrots
15 cherry plum tomatoes
1 cup mung bean sprouts

I cooked the double amount of chickpeas for yesterday's chickpea, spinach and potato curry and saved the half of them to make hummus for this dish. I also started sprouting the mung beans on Monday. 

I roasted the peppers, but everything else I ate raw and dipped to the lovely homemade hummus. I had to buy those cute baby turnips for their looks and they were indeed very tasty as well.

What would you put on such a grazing plate? Are you also crazy about hummus?

Have a lovely soon starting weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. All I can say is "delicious!" I've eaten everything on this plate before, but never with hummus. I have to try it now!

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. Yes, and the beauty is that you can add any vegetables you like!

  2. I like these kind of meals, for us its often Sunday evenings. You can never go wrong with hummus! I am so digging your menu planner, I wish I could plan - but these days i am so disorganised and think on the day what to make, and then its often decided on what we have in the vegetable basket

    1. This is a nice evening snack, isn't it and then you don't have to feel guilty for eating something unhealthy. Normally my main meals are bigger than this, but now I wasn't so hungry and this just hit the spot. I hope to be more organised in the future, because sometimes I buy things for the dry cupboard and don't use them for months or ever. Now I'm also trying to keep my eye on what vegetables and other ingredients I have and plan accordingly.


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