4 May 2015

Old Prickly & Hedgehog Awareness Week

The Hedgehog Awareness Week (3.-9.5.2015) started yesterday, so now is the perfect time to remember our prickly friends. You don't necessarily need to be donating money or goods, but for example as a garden owner you can do a lot to improve the well being of your local hedgehogs. You can also raise hedgehog awareness in your neighbourhood through information sharing or events. 

I'm going to make a couple of hedgehog related posts this week and will start by sampling a wonderful hedgehog themed beer, Old Prickly by Hobsons Brewery. This beer supports the work of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, 5p of every pint or bottle sold will go to the hedgehog charity. 

At 4,2 % Old Prickly is delightful like a hoglet. There is a refreshing foretaste leading to a hint of citrus sharpness with aromas of spices and raisins and a long crisp malty aftertaste. This is a very tasty beer to enjoy and remember that you will be supporting the prickly beasts while drinking it.

Have a nice week thinking of hedgehogs!

Your VegHog

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