10 May 2015

Sunday morning power bowl

The Hedgehog Awareness Week may officially be over, but hedgehogs that sadly are in decline, should always be on our minds. For today's breakfast I used my hedgehog shaped cookie cutter once again to make a quirky presentation for a very healthy bowl.

I used these ingredients for my breakfast bowl:

Red currants
Wild blueberry powder
Sea buckthornberry powder
Greek Yogurt

My week has been very busy so I felt like I wanted to start the relaxing Sunday with a healthy breakfast. I haven't had time for posting much this week, but I will try to write later about what I was up to yesterday.

Have a lovely Sunday! Sun is out at least here!

Your VegHog


  1. Looks yummy, colourful and so healthy. By the way where do you get your wild blueberry and buckthorn powder?

    1. Thank you! It gave me lots of energy for the day. :)

      I sometimes buy my berry powders on my trips to Finland, but also here: http://www.arcticpowerberries.com/ It's an online berry powder store by Finnish students living in London.


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