18 May 2015

Weekly cooking plan

I wanted to share my cooking plan for this week with you. This is a fairly typical weekly menu for me, but of course there are always variations. I hope to get to blog about most of these dishes. I'm planning to cook every day apart from Friday, when I just want to relax in my local pub and enjoy their vegetarian cooking with a couple of pints. That's what I do on most Friday's, as I'm too knackered after the week to cook.

I don't make a cooking plan for every week, but sometimes it's nice to be organised and know what you need to buy for the week ahead. Some of these meals are either vegan or easy to veganise. I've been cooking surprisingly many vegan meals lately.

Here is the plan for this week:


Lebanese dirty rice with halloumi


Rye pasta


Chickpea, spinach and potato curry


Vegetable grazing plate with hummus


Pub meal


Veggie burgers


Vegetarian Sunday roast

I'll keep you updated throughout the week, whether I'm sticking to this plan or not. Have a good week, which also happens to be the National Vegetarian Week 2015

Your VegHog


  1. These are of course just the main meals for each day. I normally cook a larger batch that's enough for next day's lunch. And I typically have a yogurt bowl with fruit, berries or granola for breakfast.

  2. Your planner is just darling! I wish I could be as organized with my meal planning.

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. Thank you! :)
      Believe me, I'm not this organised every week, but hopefully I can stick to this plan.

  3. Wow that is organised - I often have leftovers about so I have to try and take that into account when I plan meals - though I know others have their leftovers for lunch which I don't do so much.

    1. It's nice to recycle leftovers for other meals too the next day. I only mostly tend to actually take them with me as lunch and then eat cold at work.

  4. So adorable. Yes I agree so organised, I have become so disorganised. Either I think at the weekend what to eat for the week and make a large batch like chilli beans that will last a few days and are so versatile, or its on the day - depicted by what is in the kitchen and cupboards

    1. I also do that quite often, I'm not always this organised. And now I have even slipped a bit from the original plan, but there should be another post tomorrow.


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