20 January 2016

Recent cookings and products

Here is a quick summary of the food that I have eaten and the foodie things that I have bought recently.

I had been saving this bottle of Hattingley Valley English sparkling wine for quite a while, no occasion just seemed important enough to drink it. On New Year's Eve we thought that now is the time and shared the bottle. It was so wonderful! I tend to get headaches from Prosecco, but this dry drink was something else, and it's local, so what's not to like!

Let's stay with drinks for a moment. Recently I have been enjoying Candy Kaiser beer by Brewdog. It's brewed as the Düsseldorf style of Altbier and is quite pleasant dark beer.

I brought many foodie things with me again from Finland, like these dried mushroom powder soups, basically just add water, simmer and the soup or sauce is done. I may post more about these later. And again I couldn't resist such cute tea tins.

I can't even remember where I bought these Swedish crispbreads, as they have been a while already in my cupboard. During my recent dry cupboard inspection they came up, and I decided to eat them. They were very nice with cheese.

Earlier this month I celebrated my third blogiversary and baked this lime and white chocolate cake with green jellies. I forgot to post a slice picture in the actual post, so here is one now.

This season is perfect for sprouts, so I have been cooking quite a few flower sprout and brussels sprout dishes.

I have also been cooking Middle Eastern food again. I think it's nice in the winter. Here's roasted cauliflower with Arabian nutty rice, both recipes previously published on the blog.

This Posh cheese on toast product is a lovely addition to regular cheese on toasts adding some extra flavour and making them a bit more interesting.

What has been going on in your kitchen recently? Have you tried any nice new products?

Your VegHog


  1. I love the posh cheese on toast spread and your hedgehog cup. And I love how you buy sprouts on a tree - we don't get these here (or not in supermarkets). Looks like lots of nice eating and that cake really looks delicious

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment! I like the sprout trees, but unfortunately they don't always come like that here either...


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