31 March 2019

Vegan and vegetarian food scene in Copenhagen – Part 3

This is the opening weekend of the 2019 season at Reffen. Reffen is an outdoor street food market and designer container village at the Harbour of Copenhagen. They opened for the first time last summer and have already become hugely popular in Copenhagen. I spent a lot of time there last summer, and can see the same happening again. They have a good selection of vegetarian and vegan street food as well, so I wanted to write about them in my Vegan and vegetarian food scene in Copenhagen series.

These photos were taken at Reffen either yesterday or during last year in order to show you different atmosphere at the place. My apologies, if it's a bit too many photos, I just wanted for you to see different corners of the place.

There are too many nice food stalls, so I haven't been able to taste as many dishes as I would have liked to. I need to try harder in this season.

The Holy Pita is my absolute favourite, as I think that they make the best falafel in the world and their hummus is the smoothest of them all. They also make great fried halloumi pitas. This is why is end up eating there most of the time.

There are a lot of live music performances in Reffen as well, and there are stalls from local designers and arts and crafts people. During the weekends they often have fleamarkets, where you can find lovely bargains.

Last summer was so hot throughout, so ice-creams and sorbets from Tit Is offered a great option for cooling down. This is a seabuckthorn sorbet.

When you are just a little bit peckish, a sweet or savoury crêpe is just a perfect snack.

Here is a great fully vegan Asian food stall, and many more where I have to try the food!

One of my favourite bars in Copenhagen, Mikkeller Baghaven, happens to be next to Reffen, so it's very convenient to also pop over there and enjoy some excellent local sour beers.

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Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. Your photos are wonderful: just the right number of them! I would love to see that market, as I'm a big fan of all kinds of markets and can never see enough of them.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


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