30 May 2013

The VegHog's classic bean burger

This is in fact an old recipe from The VegHog's archive and it's a simple recipe for a basic bean burger. I'm looking into developing it further and have a few other variations but please try this one as well.

The preparation starts on the previous day if you use dried red kidney beans as they need to be soaked. Otherwise these are very easy to make.


1 cup dried red kidney beans
1 onion
1-2 cloves of garlic
1 chili
2 eggs
Bread crumbs


Soak the dried beans overnight and on the next day you can start with the actual burger making. First heavily boil the beans for about 15 minutes and then boil at lower heat for about one hour until they are fully soft. Then mash the cooked beans.

While the beans are boiling you can finely chop the onion, garlic and chili and mix them to the beans. Also season the mix with salt and pepper. I used a homegrown dried red chili and although it was tiny it was quite spicy. Let the burger mix cool down as otherwise you'll have difficulty shaping the burgers and keeping them together.

Once the mix is cooled down prepare a production line with a plate with beaten egg on it and another one with bread crumbs. Then heat a generous amount of vegetable oil in a pan. Shape a burger of the dough, roll it in the beaten egg and bread crumbs and fry from both sides until golden brown. Repeat these steps as long as you have bean mix left.

Serve with lovely buns, cheese and tomato or however you would like. Also have a look at my previous veggie burger recipes and tips how to make this vegan.


Your VegHog

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