13 May 2013

Spring forest picnic

What could be nicer than to pack a few fresh fruits and veg for a picnic and then have a stroll in the forest. I chose the New Forest as my picnic destination and got lucky with a sunny day even though this spring's weather hasn't been ideal. I think that there's no need to write a lot about this, you know what I'm talking about! I'd rather let the photos to speak for themselves.

I love my beautiful new hand painted Nkuku tiffin that was convenient to transport as it's small enough, it kept the food fresh and it's nice to look at.

I took only a few snacks with me: Tomato, mozzarella and basil sticks, strawberries, grapes, cheese focaccia and white wine.

There were also some curious friends trying to join me.

Have fun at your picnics and tell me where you went!

Your VegHog

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