12 May 2013

Chestnut mushroom burger

If you want to make an uncomplicated vegetarian burger this is probably the best way to go. Instead of making difficult burgers you can just bake a juicy giant mushroom and that's about it!

To make 4 burgers:

Make the easy carrot and spelt rolls (recipe here) or just use 4 other rolls of your choice. However the carrot and spelt rolls are quite brilliant with these mushrooms for the right rustic feel. The only difference is that this time I used poppy seeds as topping instead of oat flakes.

4 flat chestnut mushrooms
1 small onion
1 clove of garlic
Double Gloucester cheese
Pea shoots

If you are making the rolls from scratch start with them. Then wash the mushrooms and remove their stems. Place the mushrooms into an oven dish.

Chop the mushroom stems, onion and garlic finely and grate the cheese. Fry these ingredients in a pan for about 10 minutes and then mix them with the grated cheese. Add parsley to this mix and put it into the chestnut mushrooms.

Bake them at about 180C until the mushrooms are baked throughout and cheese is melted. It should take around 15 minutes. Cut the rolls in half and fill them with pea shoots and the mushrooms. Enjoy the tasty goodness!

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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