17 November 2013

Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider

I thought it was time to write a little drink review again as it has been a while since the last one. I really want to introduce one of my favourite British dry ciders to you: Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider by The Lyme Bay Winery.

They make a few Jack Ratt cider variations, which are truly authentic West Country ciders and even award winning British ciders. I have so far tried Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider and Jack Ratt Scrumpy Cider and I like both of them very much.

The Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider normally comes in whimsically shaped bottles, slightly old fashioned cider jugs, or huge canisters. I like it for its fruity yet dry apple taste. It's a perfect drink for autumn and winter nights. Unfortunately it's sometimes a little bit difficult to find in regular shops.

Have some pleasant cider drinking moments!

Your VegHog

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