19 November 2013

Baby vegetable pasta

I made an easy weekday dish and called it the Baby vegetable pasta as all the vegetables in there are the small baby variations. I am quite fond of all sort of miniature vegetables and this time the baby round courgettes caught my eye in the shop. They are just too cute, and some are even more intense or sweet in flavour. To add a little bit of excitement to this pasta dish I also added some fried halloumi dices.


350g baby round courgettes
225g baby plum tomatoes
200g baby spinach
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
250g halloumi
Fresh basil
Lemon juice
Pappardelle pasta
Olive oil
Vegetable oil (for frying the halloumi)


Dice the halloumi and heat some vegetable oil in a small pan. Fry the halloumi dices separately until they are golden brown. Set to side as they will be added to the main pan later.

Slice the courgettes into smaller pieces and chop the shallots and garlic cloves finely. Then heat some olive oil in a larger pan and sweat the shallots and add the courgettes and garlic after a while. Heat for a few minutes and then add the tomatoes and the spinach leaves. There is no need to chop the tomatoes as they will become saucy once heated enough.

Simmer everything at moderate heat for about 10 minutes and season with salt, pepper, nutmeg, basil and lemon juice. Add the halloumi dices as well.

Boil the pasta in salt water until al dente and mix it with the vegetables. And there you have a nice simple pasta with many vegetables and a halloumi twist.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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