14 November 2013

Vegetable chili

A spicy chili made with a variety of vegetables is a great dish, especially for this time of the year. It doesn't require much technical skill, you can just let it simmer and only need to remember to stir sometimes. I used black beans as the main component, and to make the chili even simpler I chose to use the canned ones. I like to serve my chili with rice to get a neutral taste to balance the spiciness out.

This is how to make a vegetable chili.

2 bell peppers
4 onions
2 cloveless garlics
800g black beans (2 cans)
140g tomato puree
450g santini tomatoes
1 yellow chili
Juice of one lime
Fresh coriander leaves
2tsp paprika
2tsp cumin
1tsp cocoa powder
1tbsp vegetable stock powder
1tsp salt
Olive oil
100g red leicester cheese
1 cup rice

First of all chop the bell peppers, chili, onion and garlic and heat some olive oil in a suitable large pot. Fry the onion until soft, then add the garlic, chili and peppers and fry for another minute or two. Add the cumin, paprika, cocoa powder, black beans, tomato puree and tomatoes to the mix.

Let it simmer under the lid at moderate heat for about 20 minutes and stir occasionally. At some point start boiling the rice as well.

Season the chili with the juice of a lime, vegetable stock powder and salt. Taste to check whether the seasoning is right for you.

When the chili is almost done, add the fresh coriander leaves and the grated cheese. Serve hot with the rice.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog


  1. Oh man, I love chili!! (>^o^<)
    I've bought vegetarian chili & beans before, but I always add things to it so that it won't be so plain. I think you did a great job with this vegetable chili. :))


    1. Thank you so much! I'm not a chili expert, but it's such a nice dish to make!


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