2 November 2013

Leek flame cake

Today I made a traditional dish from the Alsace region: in Alsatian flammekueche, in German Flammkuchen, in French tarte flambée. I have just translated it as a flame cake here. I obviously turned that usually non-vegetarian dish into a vegetarian one. It's also normally baked in a wood-fire oven, but since I only own a regular oven that'll have to do. I became familiar with Flammkuchen in Germany and I absolutely adore its leek version. Sometimes you even get this sort of vegetarian version served at some public events.

The dough:

125g wheat flour
1tbsp oil
1tsp salt
50ml water

The filling:

1 leek
1 small onion
1 garlic clove
Fresh basil leaves
2tbsp crème fraîche
2tbsp oat cream
70g grated Emmental cheese
Ground black pepper

Chop the leeks into rings and onion and garlic finely. Mix the crème fraîche and oat cream and season the mix with salt, pepper and chopped fresh basil leaves. Also add the finely chopped garlic and onion to this mix.

Mix the dry ingredients for the dough together, then add the water and knead. Finally add oil and knead again to reach a firm dough. Then roll out the dough very thinly into a similar shape with a pizza pie.

Then spread the crème fraîche mix thinly on the base (quite as you would do with a tomato sauce on a pizza), place the leeks and grated cheese on the top.

Bake the flame cake at 250C for about 10 minutes until some ”flame” marks appear and then enjoy the crispy base with lovely leeky and cheesy flavours on the top.

Your VegHog


  1. I like the topping , i will probably add a little bit yeast and rye flour so the kids can eat as well, I will let you know what did I end up with.Laura


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