21 September 2014

Kew Gardens – Royal Botanic Gardens in London

Earlier this month I visited the Kew Gardens during the Plantasia festival. It was my first visit there and what a great way it was to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon. There is so much to see that it is basically impossible to see everything in one day. I made some compromises and instead of frantically walking between attractions, decided to stroll around leisurely and let the things come to me. I also decided to return here one day, maybe in the springtime. 

The gardens were still in bloom in an extraordinary way, considering that it is September. However there was also a little bit autumn in the air already, mushrooms were popping out here and there.

The area was full of spectacular glasshouses, beautiful gardens, interesting plants, huge trees, a Pagoda for great views over the gardens and London, and finally for relaxing after the walk Gin & Tonics Garden in the Secluded garden. I'm afraid the Gin & Tonics Garden was there only for the duration of the Plantasia festival, but they served some very nice botanical drinks.

Here are some photos I took there. In the morning it was quite overcast, but the sky cleared during the day and the weather became really sunny and hot.

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