19 September 2014

Crushed potatoes with olives

Here come my new favourites! I have been planning to make crushed (or smashed) potatoes for a long time now. First I started looking around the internet how people usually make them, but I wasn't fully satisfied with the methods I saw. I wanted to make fully roasted crushed potatoes and combine them with olives. So here's the recipe that I came up with, and the potatoes basically make themselves, that's how easy it is. Maybe it could be the potato side dish to your weekend meals?


500 g small potatoes
100 g green olives
Olive oil
Sea salt
Wild rosemary
Garlic infused olive oil


Brush washed but unpeeled small potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle sea salt on the top and roast them at 180C for about 30 minutes. Turn them in between, or shake the roasting tin around.

After this time the potatoes should be almost cooked. Roast for longer, if they are not at all soft yet. When they are softish, so not fully baked, crush them with a fork.

Then sprinkle paprika and wild rosemary on the top, and add more salt and olive oil if needed. I added some garlic infused olive oil at this stage. Also put the olives into the roasting tin and roast for further 30 minutes.

It can well be enjoyed as a stand-alone dish, but is also good to be combined with Sunday veggie roasts and such.

Have you tried crushed potatoes before, and what do you think about my version?

Have a nice weekend all!

Your VegHog

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