22 September 2014

5 breakfast bowls

For the start of a new week I want to introduce to you five different breakfast bowls that I've had recently. They are not all from last week as I also really like to have salty spelt, oat or barley porridge in the mornings. Also my weekend breakfasts tend to be more unhealthy than these.

So anyway, a nice bowl of yogurt with fresh berries and fruit, maybe granola or muesli is a very fine thing. At the moment I try to go for a fast paced walk in the park every morning, and when such a healthy breakfast awaits, it's just a wonderful feeling. Alone the looks of such bowls will make you feel cheerful.

Here are five different breakfast bowls that I assembled, but you can get really creative with this and use all your favourite ingredients. I find the berry powders a really good addition, as they are super healthy and add loads of taste.

I. Raspberries, sea-buckthorn powder, granola, yogurt

II. Mango, fig, yogurt

III. Blueberries, dried apple crisps, sea-buckthorn powder, yogurt

IV. Apricots, blueberries, granola, yogurt 

V. Pomegranate seeds, strawberries, yogurt

Good start to the week to everyone!

Your VegHog

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